Life Transition and Grief & Loss Counseling

Grief & Loss

If you are facing a life transition due to death & dying, divorce, pregnancy loss/infertility, unemployment, or a newly diagnosed illness, you can become consumed with feelings of fear, anxiety, and loss of control.

Life transitions can be painful, and the more significant the transition the more intense the pain. Rather than working hard to develop more control, I invite you to stop and stand in the painful middle of what is taking place rather than turning away. It is in this ability to stand still that you begin to experience movement… not your old habit of moving away from… but a steady movement toward feeling centered and grounded.

As you develop a new internal muscle, you can:

  • Reclaim the resources/strengths you didn’t realize you possessed
  • More easily spot your faulty perceptions
  • Move toward confidence and away from fear

My work with clients focuses on developing a sense of safety by shifting from what was to what can be. As difficult as a divorce, infertility, a death, an unexpected layoff, a health diagnosis, or even retirement can be, the majority of my clients find our work gratifying, and they successfully move back into a full life more capable of handling future uncertainty.

Please explore the website for more information. If you would like to feel less anxious and sleep better while building a better bridge to your future, I welcome the opportunity to work with you.